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Pediatric urologists are the weirdest fuckers on the planet. They all made the conscious decision to dedicate their lives to kid dicks.

Dramatic reenactment:

"Well John, it's time to declare your major. What are you passionate about? What moves you?

John: "Kid dicks."
"Excuse me?"

"Yes, kid dicks."

"I was afraid that's what you said, John. But why? It's career suicide! Everyone knows the real money is in old man boners."

"Well, kid dicks are near and dear to my heart. They're my passion. You see, I had a kid dick..."

"Yes? Go on."

"In fact, I still have a kid dick."

"What do you mean 'still' have one?"

" just never grew. I used to pull and stretch it but it remained at a second grade level and now it looks like a grape that's starting to rot."


"I can't sit idly by knowing that others suffer in silence with kid dick, too. I have to help them. I have to help them all."

"I'm so proud of you, John. You're a brave man. You may have a kid's dick, but you've got a man's heart."

"And a man's balls, too."

"...a man's what?"

"Balls, sir. I've got a massive set of the things. They're really quite grand. The way my kid dick rests on them is reminiscent of a kitten sinking into the top of a bean bag chair."

"Extraordinary. It seems God is not without a sense of humor."

"Without question, but just wait until you hear what my colon can do. Let's just say that when I go snorkeling, I have more options than most..."

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Это не юмор, это пичалька ;)


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